fun little shopping day

hey you guys!
So today I went shopping with my mum, we didn't go that long but it's always great to go shopping with your mum, she picks things for you and you're making a face like ugh.. really ?
But that's just the fun of it ! so I enjoyed my day pretty well
I bought some really cool things from the H&M , they always have something for everyone so don't mind taking a look! So these are the things I bought, I don't have a picture with the clothes on but I think you will soon see me wearing it when the temperature is a little higher.
so the first thing I bought is this cute little see-threw top, it has a beautiful white colour and some golden buttons on the front.
I saw this short online and I was like '' I have to buy this now!'' I just love the patterns and the colours and I think I will wear it with the with top.

and the next product is this beautiful same printed dress but in blue. I love little buttons detail and the belt looks perfectly around it.

I also love to workout and since it's getting hotter by the day, I needed a short sportshorts to do my excercises and running outside and this colour is just so pretty, I am already getting excited to go outside with my new pants.
and last but definitely not least, I bought these supercute shoes, they have like a little cherry print and have a cute open-toe just adorable!

well after the shopping we went to Douwe Egberts, It's like the starbucks but with a different name.
and we had a great time. I had this delicious green tea with mint and a blueberry muffin, that tastes so good you have to try it! and my mum got a cappuchino with a piece of apple pie
hmmm doesn't it looks yummy

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