New bag, and meet my cats!

So I needed a new bag so badly but it's kinda hard to find the right one. So I went to the stores and found this beautiful leather bag ! I got 30% off so I couldn't leave it behind ;) and so far I'm really positive, it's big enough, strong en has many pockets and that's always very nice.

There's not much it in at the moment, I had just a few hours school so I just needed my diary, wallet and of course oreo's ! (can't survive without that)

I have three cats at home which is really fun and they are really sweet. Two of them are both siamese cats and one is just a big cuddly grey cat.
the first one is Bailey , he is the youngest and has the most energy of the three. He runs very much, plays, make noises all the time and somethimes it's very annoying haha.

the second one is Breezer , he is also a siamese but more lazy than Bailey, I caught him sleeping on my pillow.

And last but not least the biggest cat of the house Zilver, he pretty energetic for a big fat cat.

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