My purchases from the last two weeks

hey guys, it has been a long time since I actually wrote something.
I have been very busy and it is holiday so I've been going out with my friends :)

So the last two weeks a bought a lot of stuff especially since the summer is coming, I needed new clothes.
When I got in the first store I saw these shoes. I was completely in love with them !
They are so pretty with the black and pink, only I didn't bought them because I didn't necessary needed them, but I wanted to share them with you.

So these are all the things I actually bought

Let's start with the stuff I got from Pull & Bear

I got these two very simple t-shirts , I think I would just wear them over shorts or with a skirt.
The fabric is really soft and thin so perfect for the summer :)

Next we have the newlook
so I from the newlook I got a bikini, denim jacket, a shirt with some print and cute little sandles.

little close up from the print on the t-shirt, it has beautiful colors and I love the little aztek pattern.
the denim jacket, I saw this one hanging and I fell in love with it. I didn't had a denim jacket in this color before so I took it with me ;)
The sandals, I love that there is some color in it, it goes great with the denim jacket or my new dress.

moving on to the Berschka
From the berschka I got these beatiful dress with a short front and it's long at the back and I got a skirt with a print.
So this is what the dress looks like, I didn't had time to make a photo myself so I made one from the pricetag haha
And again, beautiful colors which are perfect for this summer :)

And last but not least the clothes from the H&M
The blue top I bought because it matches perfectly with my skirt :)
The short are also a very pretty blue color and the red/white top is from fashion against aids collection has a heart/owl print on the front.

So these were all the clothes I bought I hope you like them, well I do so ciao !

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