Christmas Presents

Finally it's Christmas ! It's the most wonderfull time of the year. We all drink hot cocoa at the fireplace, unwrap eachothers presents and we are all together with the family. Today we're going to my grandma's house and eat dinner with the family, so excited :D We also did the presents this morning and I wanted to show u guys what I got :)
My first present was this lovely purple/blue looking sweater from H&M. It has a zipper on de back and it has a little sparkle in it. Love this one!

  My parents know how much I love tea and now there are all somewhere in the kitchen drawer so they bought me this beautiful tea box. It's made from wood and has the texts of kinds of tea and other stuff on it. Very happy with it :)

 The third present is a perfume, I wanted this one for a long time so they definitely made a good choice!

And last but not least I got a box from the body shop, I always love stuff from the body shop and it's in a very cute packaging with snowflakes. It has a shower gel and body butter in it with a cranberry flavour.
                     Thankyou Santa Claus! I'm very happy with my presents :D

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