carrot orange make up look

So for today I thought why don't I post my make up look for today. I've never done one before so here we go!

Tadaa, I'm not an expert in makeup as we see but I think it worked out pretty well.
These are the products I used:

For the eyeshadow I used catrice 580 - Carrots of the caribbean and maybelline 710 - blazing brown/terre de feu.
And I used the miss manga mascara from lóreal paris and a black eyepencil from catrice. Hope u liked this look bye!


Cute blouse with jumper outfit

Still cold outside so today I'm wearing a white blouse with a cute detail on the collar. Everything else is pretty basic, a skinny jeans(can be in any color) and a pink bow in my hair and a ring.


Homemade muffins, hot cocoa and my notebook

hey guys,

Do you have notebooks or sketchbooks? Well I do and I think it's a great thing to draw and write stuff in it that inspires you orto just be creative !
So today I wanted to share my notebook with you guys :)

I hope you like them, if not I don't mind cause it's my own fantasy en creativity haha ;)

Autumn has started and it's getting cold and rainy, so perfect time to have a nice hot chocolat with wipped cream and home made muffins!

hmm yumm! I'm going to eat all the muffins ^^ see you guys later xx


Healthy snack and being sick

 So since two days I feel really miserable. I've got massive headaches, my body temperature is too high and I got a sore throat, so a fun party it is in my house.

Now i'm taking as much rest as I can so that I can feel better soon. I keep drinken enough and eat as healthy as possible.
Here's my snack for today;
Mocha Café | via Tumblr

I've got some raspberries and blueberries! There are sp delicious and really good for you. They have a lot of vitamins and antioxidants which is really good for your body! So remember to always eat some fruit every day people!


Tattoo and Hair ispiration

hey guys, I'll make a big inspiration post for myself cause I really want to get tattoo's later and I also want beautiful curls so if you have both of these, I'm very jealous!!


tumblr thingy

helloo you guys,

I have made a tumblr account, or well i appearently had one but totally forgot so now I'm starting it again!


here is the link for the ones who would love to see my not so many posts yet haha

goodbyyeee lovely people


My fashion pic's

hey guys, I really like fashion and making different looks and outfits. So here are some fun fashion outfits :) Hope you guys like it!

 Also I got some new items this past month, I didn't made pictures of it yet so I can only show you two things that I got from the h&m.
 First I got this gorgeous neon pink sweater that is a bit oversized. The bright pink colour is so beautiful. And I also bought this cute little lace black skirt. I find the neon pink sweater great to wear over the skirt so that you have a little lace coming out from the sweater. I can wear this skirt in so many ways, it's really a good item to have!
I also got some shirts and a pair of jeans but can't find them online so I'll show them another time! xoxo

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