Sickness, school and bullying

I'm posting this from my good old iphone cause when I actually should be sitting in the classroom, I'm laying in bed. I was not happy to go back to school after the christmas break but I didn't want to get sick :( . So now I'm drinking a cup of warm hot tea and watch Snowwhite and the Huntsman (love that movie).

People always judge me, now that I'm staying home I have time to think. To think of the people who can't appreciate the things I do. In their eyes I can't so anything good. They yell at me and say things that really hurt, but they never think how it is from my side. I try everything to do something so why don't I get some credit? Those girls should feel it sometimes maybe they finally see what bullying can do to you. I am someone who likes to be different, loves to do weird things and has funny habits. I am happy to be who I am and if you don't like my decisions or risks than why do you even bother to get involved? I think that mosrt people who bully or laugh at you are the people who are insecure themselves. No one is perfect but some people are sp insecure about their own lives that they just attack the person who is not afraid to show to world who he/she is.

You should always remember that you're not alone. There are always some people that love you for who you are and those are the people you should be with. Because not everyone is mean, some just want to help and you should accept them.
Be optimistic!

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