Tea lovin' shopping day

hey everyone! it's getting very colddd, the snow is everywhere and it's about 5 degres under 0 how great! At least it's a good excuse to wear all those nice and warm sweaters and cardigans :) I got this nice long cardigan in a dark red color and it's so warm hmm, it's just that one special cardigan that everyone has that is your favourite one!

The fabric is so soft and nice on your skin, I just love it!
So today I went to the city with my bestfriend, I didn't want to spend too many money but i got some stuff anyway haha.
the first thing I got is this nice and beautiful black shirt/blouse with little diamonds on the shoulders.
It's pretty short but that's what I like about it. I also must say that I'm pretty tall so that's a part of the shortness too haha.
Next thing I got is also a black blouse and is a bit see through and on the neck there are this diamonds that are slightly bigger than the one from above.

I am so happy with these two purchases, I always wanted black blouses and now i finally have them.
At lunch we sat down at a little coffee shop and I got a delicious cup of green tea.
I'm a huge tealover! I drink tea almost everyday and I love to try new flavours. I'm gonna open a special tea shop later haha!
Everyone knows that moment when you snuggle up your bed on a cold winter evening and just having a warm cup of tea, it's the best feeling ever :) And since my post ends with tea I'm gonna post some inspirational tea pictures xoxo

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