A new change

Sitting here in the train and having some time to write new stuff. I have been thinking, I really want to make my blog more extended and having more diverse articles. I’m thinking about making more of an lifestyle blog and include some nice travelling, personal problems, recipes and many more. I have begun with my new study this week, four days has past and I’m still wondering ‘is this really something for me?’.  All the young people in the world have to make very big decisions in their life about the future, when we really still don’t know what we want to become or what we wanna do for a study. There are so many different options that even I am not sure if I made the right one. But I think that it is always better that you can at least say that you’ve tried. I am now freshmen in journalism and I must say it is really difficult and even harder than I expected. We are now working on a magazine, which for me sounded like the most fun part of the year. But this will be a small thing in this year and the next. We will be doing more TV and Radio and those things don’t interest me at all so it’s really hard to think if I just have to keep going or accept that this is just not my thing and quit.

And now for some more happy news; I want to start and write more on my blog. I really like having a blog but sometimes I lack the discipline to keep on going. So I am going to try to write for at least two times a week. I am free every Friday so I taught that it might be fun to travel around to fun villages or cities and make a little post about fun places or nature spots in this place. Because I am now I student, I have a free pass to ride trains and busses on the weekdays and 40% off price on Saturday and Sunday SCORE!
I am also thinking about changing my blog name because I want a name that represents my blog and me in a simple word that can easily be remembered. Now it’s afashionwonderland but I am not going to write just about fashion anymore so a new fresh change could be good! Maybe it can be Alife or Aliceontheroad :) 

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