A weekend of long relaxing walks in the forest and enjoying life

This weekend me and my boyfriend had our two year anniversary ( yaay!) So I bought us a little weekend at the van der Valk hotel in Assen. We had this amazing and beautiful room with a rain shower and whirpool for 2! When you opened the curtains you had a beautiful view of the forest.
We Went to the town Assen and Groningen in two days and we also went two times to two different forests. The Veluwe was my absolute favorite! We both really love nature and long romantic and adventurous walks :) Also I bought the most gorgeous shoes ever when I was in Groningen. They are from Bershka and were only 26euro's! And there are not to high because I already am very tall(almost 6ft) so I won't look like a giant in them haha. So sit back and enjoy some dutch nature!


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