Review Inglot lip makeup

So a few days ago I ordered for the first time some lip makeup from Inglot. I never tried it before but heard good things about it, so why not give it a go! I got this cute little box that got sent to me and within were three lip products.

They have a beautiful black packaging and it looks kinda luxurious but it's totally affordable!
I ordered 1 lipstick and 2 lipbalms. When I first opened them the colors were very bright and summery, really cool!

So the first lipbalm I got in the number 56 and it's this light pink/lilac colored lipbalm. When I first put this up I immediately feel that these balms are really hydrating and they feel like if I just put some vaseline or labello on my lips. Also they last for a really long time! I wore them at work for 8 hours and the only time I had to put some on again was if i just had my lunch ;)

                                                                               lipbalm - 56

The second lipbalm is just as beautiful as the first one. This lipbalm is a slightly more natural light pink/nude color. Really beautiful and very nice for a nude look! The number of this lipbalm is 63.

                                                                           Lipbalm - 63

And last but definitely not least! My absolute favorite, it's the lipstick in numer 101. It's a gorgeous peachy/red color and it lasts for a really long time! I think it's really a beautiful color for the summer to make your face just a little bit more interesting and fresh! I also have quite a light skintone and this color doesn't make me pale(which is a big win), it's sometimes quite hard to find the right colors that make your face more alive instead of more pale haha.

                                                                    Lipstick - 101

I'm really excited about this makeup brand and their lipproducts are amazing! You should check it out on their website: www.inglotcosmetics.com

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