The most amazing festival ever: DEFQON.1

Hey guys two days ago I went to my first Defqon.1 festival ever and oh my god it was so amazing! Words could not describe how awesome it was. Beautiful stages, killing dj's and the vibe was just unreal. I spend the day in the blue tent (rawstyle) and ofcourse on the red mainstage. I got to participate in the Defqon Powerhour which I've been looking forward to since I saw it for the first time last year. The entertainment was amazing, Balls flying everywhere,all kinds of artists and ofcourse the huge flag that I also was standing under that had gone through the crowd.And ofcourse the long-expected endshow of defqon, this is the biggest and most amazing music and firework show I've ever seen! And for the first time in history, this year you could watch it al from your own couch at home in the Netherlands, Australia and New york! So for the people who couldn't be there it was a great way to still be able to be there. I really liked this festival and am a proud dutchie for all our big festivals! Next year I definitely will come back!
 Under the Powerhour Flag
 The Endshow

 The Mainstage, a big sparta/warrior

The blue tent

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