Cute rain coats inspiration

If I look outside now I see a dark and grey sky with clouds that move along the road. In Holland it rains about 50% of the year.. fun right? Well no, it's fun when you lay in bed and have to go to sleep but most of the time it's not and you get soaked wet on college like me. So For myself and all the other people in the world that have to go through rain, here are some raincoat inspirations!

left: 35.21 euro ASOS-Pac-a-Mac-in-Bird-Print
Right: 35.21euro ASOS-Pac-a-Mac-in-Floral-Print

Left: 35 pounds pvc festival raincoat mac in baby blue
Right: 54euro ASOS Rain Mac In Spot Print


Home inspirations

Lately I've been into all the industrial looking houses and scandanavian. I think the combo between wood and grey/iron colours are beautiful and give it a nice rough touch. I am not the girly girl that is into pastels and those ugly wooden textblocks with 'home' and 'love' on it.. you know what I mean.
I still live with my parents but I really like to think about what I would do if I had my own  house ^^

My ultimate goals/dreams are to have a house on the edge of the forest because I love nature and taking walks through the woods. Also to have a warm and cosy home to feel safe. Plus a nice kitchen/bathroom won't be bad ;)


Why do we let the bad stuff in? Can't we just be positive all the time?

Hello guys, I have been so stressed out lately and needed to take a break from everything. I am in the middle of exams right now and I feel so tired, like my brain is going to explode into a thousend popcorns. I have been doing mindfullness therapy for the last couple months and this has really helped me to look at life differently and accepthing the fact that I have anxiety and that it is okay. She helped me to meditate, be happier and to not let my mood depent on one little thing that went wrong on a day. People tend to always be in a hurry, well this makes me really stressed so I always take about 1.5hour to just relax before I go to college. And this really me so much more relaxed! Like an example: if your train is delayed or cancelled people get so frustrated and angry and this sets the mood for the whole day but why? Why are we letting one bad thing ruin our whole day? I learned that you can chose between feeling optimistic of pessimistic. And before the mindfullness I was one of those persons who really got annoyed about very little stuff. And since I am looking so different at life and just change my way of thinking, it really helps to lower your stress level. Now I think 'oh missed the train, oh well I can take the next one and it won't be a problem'. And it's such a different perspective, you should not rely on all kinds of different things that, if they go wrong, you'll go all annoyed and irritated. Because what positive outcome has it for you? Nothing right?
You chose the road to follow, you only have one life, live it with all the happiness you've got. And remember it is not like we are perfect creatures, we  all have bad days and good days but don't let the bad days influence your life too much. I won't make you feel better. Keep your friends and family close and don't be afraid to let it go if you had a bad day, talking is a great way to get rid of the negative energy! Be the most beautiful and happy version of yourself :)


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